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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Who is Frank Conrad?
A:   Frank Conrad was an engineer for Westinghouse. He built SCR-70 receivers during the war for Signal Corps. He also started broadcasting music from his garage in Pittsburgh, USA.

Q: What did William Duddell discover?
A:   Around the year 1900, Duddell is known to have discovered the principle of negative resistance in connection with a carbon arc. He discovered that with addition of resonant circuit to the carbon arc, it is capable of oscillating at a frequency determined with the LC factors. His arc was named the singing arc as it oscillated to tune audio frequencies perceived by humans.

Q: Who is Sir Francis Ronald?
A: It is said that Sir Francis Ronald from England built a 'telegraph' in his garden. It did not stir any attention.

Q: Who developed the first rectifier?
A: In 1902, Oliver Heaviside proved the existence of a conducting layer in the atmosphere. This layer allowed radio waves to follow the earth's curvature and has been named after Oliver: the Heaviside layer. The layer was proved to exist in 1923 with transmissions of radio pulses. The pulses were transmitted vertically upwards and pulses from the reflecting layer were received. It forms the core of long distant radio communication during early communication.

Q: Who is Eunice Randall?
A: Eunice is credited to be the first woman engineer to also work as an announcer. At the age of 19, she broadcasted on 1XE, a Boston-area radio station owned by AMRAD. She was deeply occupied with professional and amateur radio. She later established her own ham station, and ultimately became one of the first women in New England to hold a first class license.

Q: When was Mutual Broadcasting Systems (MBS) established?
A: The Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS) was created in 1934. The network carried popular programs such as the Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet. It was a popular network that attracted a number of affiliates stations in rural and small markets.

Q: : Who is Reginald Fessenden?
A: In 1905, Reginald Fessenden from Canada invented a continuous-wave voice transmitter. He used a high-frequency transmitter to make voice broadcast over the North Atlantic on Christmas Eve in 19006. Fessenden sold his patent for heterodyne receiver to Westinghouse in 1910. The receiver was the joint operation of two AC currents for a third frequency.

Q: Which year did Lee De Forest patent his audion tube?
A: In 1906. It is said that he visited the Fessenden lab in 1903 and stole the design for a "spade detector," promoted idea of multi-point broadcasting, sold patents to AT&T.

Q: Which was the first company to sell radio equipment in the US?
A: In 1904, Electro Importing Company by Hugo Gernsback in New York become one of the first companies to sell radio equipment to experimenters and amateurs.


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